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  • The Highland Park House Reveal

    Sep 21 2017

    After many months of planning, paperwork, construction, design, sourcing, and staging, the long-awaited listing day is finally here! Hop...

  • The Highland Park Guide

    Aug 24 2017

    The only thing we love more than a fabulous vintage lamp in a well-dressed living room is enjoying some quality time with friends over a ...

  • Work In Progress- Drywall

    Aug 16 2017

    Everything looks so much better when it's covered in drywall! Quick update: Insulation is finished, and inspections have passed- we're no...

  • The Waiting Game- Approvals, Permits, Inspections, & Demo

    Jul 13 2017

    Renovating a historic house is no joke! We've spent the past 6 months dealing with rain delays, submitting applications, presenting at co...

  • Highland Park House Tour- Exterior

    Jan 24 2017

    As we had mentioned previously, the house was hidden away behind an unattractive chain link fence and utilitarian hedges. We can't wait...