How To: Kimono

There's nothing like a kimono to add some drama to your wardrobe.  And we can kimono the hell out of a kimono here at Recess because we love it so much.  Here in LA, we love anything that's casual yet dressy, that you can just throw over what you're wearing which is easier said than done.   It's like the no make-up make-up look... it actually takes some make-up and planning.  Fortunately, like in life, as long as you know the basics, you can pretty much 'play' after that.  So, let's play! 

We put together a few looks, a few basic looks for you to play around with and make it your own depending on your style and mood.

Here are 3 ways to wear a kimono.  From most casual to dressy.

Look #1 - Most Casual

Kimono - From Japan, Shoes - Terry De Havilland, Lucite bag - Vintage No Label, Earrings - Vintage No Label.  Available at Recess.

What up, shawwty?  - Traditionally kimonos are full length and depending on your height and style preference, (and hygiene, perhaps), you may not want to be sweeping everywhere you go.  Go short!  Shorter kimonos are easier to wear.  And they make a statement without making a statement.  You can either find shorter kimonos, or you can hem one you already love so much.

This particular length is perfect for a day to evening look.  We love dressing down a kimono with denim (especially with your favorite boyfriend jeans or cut off shorts) and sneakers/tennis shoes, then dressing it up by switching shoes and adding some fabulous accessories, like some big rhinestone earrings.  Voila. You see how wear-able a shorter kimono can be?

Look #2 - Medium Casual

Kimono - From Japan, Earrings - Vintage No Label.  Available at Recess.

Like a Lady - Maybe look #1 is a little too casual, a little too edgy, you still want that easy to wear look without ripped jeans and a t-shirt.... ok ok, we got you covered.  

We love the colors on this kimono.  It's softer than the first.  Also the florals make it a bit more formal and ladylike.  We paired it with ruffled vintage 90's D&G jeans and a white Akris button down with pleated ruffled neckline.  The easy color combination of the white shirt and denim pants allow for the more lively colors on the kimono to pop.  Also the ruffles on the shirt and pants complement the florals well.  And can't fahget about the rhinestone earrings!


Look #3 - Fancy

Kimono - From Japan, Shoes - Vintage Valentino, Earrings - Vintage Bellini for Form Art.  Available at Recess.

Oh, you fancy, huh? - You want fancier, I see.  Ok, here's our 3rd and last look for this kimono post.  Let's dress this baby up!

Again, the colors and details on this kimono are too special and we didn't want to wear anything under it that would compete with its beauty.  We decided to keep it basic and simple with a black slip dress then added a pair of vintage red rhinestone earrings and vintage shoes with rhinestones to complete the look.  Kimonos and rhinestones.... do you see a pattern tho?


We hope these looks inspire you to add a kimono or two to your wardrobe.  Remember to keep things simple so the kimono itself can be the focal point.  

And to take it from a casual day look to a more glamorous evening one, add some fabulous accessories... like rhinestones.  (And when it comes to accessories... when in doubt, rhinestone it out.  We're so serious, it's a verb.)

Thanks for visiting and hanging with us at The Playground!  It was fun.  See you guys soon.

x Alex


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