Hannah in Yves Saint Laurent Ruched Dropwaist Dress @ Recess LA Vintage ACA Virtual

We had the pleasure of shooting our preview lookbook for the September installment of A Virtual A Current Affair at a beautiful, art-filled house high in the Hollywood Hills on the effervescent Hannah Dannelly with Aston Models. Hannah embraced the day and embodied the mood and spirit of each look- a chameleonesque skill advantageous for the actress, model, and podcast host. We only wish we could have spent more time with her at the gorgeous location, because we couldn't get enough! Here are six questions with Hannah:


Please tell us a little bit about yourself!
Well I'm a bit of a loner, I have a great group of friends but staying home and being a homebody is more my vibe these days. I love to pick up a good book and read or watch TV and movies. I've recently become spiritually inclined in a way I have never been before. So a lot of my time has been going to researching higher consciousness and meditating, lol. I know how to go out and have fun or be the life of the party but staying home and being a semi grandma is more me, HA!

What do you do?
Literally anything creative is my jam, for work, and I used that term loosely because the day it feels like work I'll probably walk away. But I act, and model, and have a podcast called #SRYDAD. My co-host Audrey is wonderful. Everyday I get to work with creative individuals and it's the funnest thing in the world. It's also the only time I've felt that I belonged. School wasn't easy for me. So being surrounded by like minded people in my jobs, nothing makes me happier.

Who or what inspires you?
I'm not sure I would use the word inspiration as much as purpose. I think fulfilling my purpose of being on earth is what inspires me. Knowing why I am here and what I contribute to the world motivates me to become as successful as possible, so I can continue filling my purpose and bettering the world.

How would you describe your personal style?
Well I am very big in zodiac signs, and me being an Aquarius, I would say ECCENTRIC. We love to push boundaries and create trends which describe me personally for sure. I don't care when I walk out of the door if people like what I have on because my confidence sells the piece. With that being said I always do not mind rolling out of bed with no makeup hair unbrushed in sweats to go about my day. I think balance is key. I love dressing and being crazy and wild to feel good but I do not want to rely on dressing that way to be happy. I want to be humbled enough to leave my house fully natural and know I feel just as pretty those days.

What is one of your all-time favorite vintage finds?
Don't kill me guys, but I will say I'm not a huge vintage shopper. Only because I'm such a quick online shopper. I'm so busy I rarely buy clothes in person. I feel most vintage items, I would want to try them first. But I do want to start though so if you have any ideas where I can begin please let me know I'm all ears.
(...we might just know a place called Recess!)

Who are some of your favorite designers and why?
I don't own any clothes from any of these people because well LA is pricey HAHA. But if I could go out and buy anything I want I would start with Valentino ~ The newest collection gives me old Hollywood Hitchcock vibes with modern day vibes with a little bit of an extra edge which I love.
I love a good Chanel piece, always that tinge of edge but always classic and classy. And this one isn't all time but the newest Alexander McQueen selection gives me everything I need in a collection. I would die for everything in that collection. The shoes to the purses to the dresses, it's perfection. Their statement pieces scream confidence and bad ass, and we all need to feel that in our life sometimes.

What is an inspiring instagram account to follow?
Again, I don't really follow accounts to copy anyone's style. I was never that friend to send outfits to people for advice or before I wore something somewhere. I really like that I don't care. My fashion sense is mine. That's how I like it. But if we're talking about people whose sense of style I appreciate, I love the confidence in Megan Fox, and the ECCENTRIC vibe of Rihanna, the classy chic vibe of Lily Rose Depp, and the edgy but simple Lily Collins.

Outside of fashion, I love a good public speaker, and on days when I need a pick me up, I love going to @richwilkersonjr for something inspiring.


Hannah's instagram account is @hannahnoelledannelly.

Recess Dresscode Meet Hannah Dannelly Aston Models Instagram WorkRecess Dresscode Meet Hannah Dannelly Aston Models Instagram WorkRecess Dresscode Meet Hannah Dannelly Aston Models Instagram Work

Hannah in Galanos Striped Split Gown with Shorts @ Recess LA Vintage ACA Virtual

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