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We were happy to bring it all back home for the end of the year, shooting at Casa de Recess, the beautiful home of Recess owner, Marie Monsod. We spent the day with the spirited Emily O'Dette of Aston Models, who was so transformative and fully embraced each look. She brought each piece to life, adding personality into the looks, each one a bit different than the next. We can see how she must have so much fun creating characters in her fantastical looks.

What do you do?
I'm a model specializing in fantasy modeling (just an adult working as a fairy model)

Who or what inspires you?
Nature, Lord of the Rings (that story has shaped my entire life), Pre-Raphaelite paintings, AURORA (the musician), Grimes, my friends and family and my girlfriend- she's really helped me to step into my own power in my career and everyday life and to heal in ways I didn't know I needed to.

How would you describe your personal style?
Whimsical, ever-changing, colorful, expressive, full of duality

What is one of your all-time favorite vintage finds?
Probably one of my prairie dresses akin to Gunne Sax

Who are some of your favorite designers and why?
Alexander McQueen was my earliest inspiration, I loved the way he blended regal and whimsical edge to create walking art and it shaped what I wanted to pursue and how I wanted to express myself. I had really bad social anxiety in high school and McQueen was a catalyst for change for me. I realized even if I couldn't always express myself vocally the way I wanted to, every morning I could put together something that would do it for me.

More recently I've grown to love designers such as Kim Gordon of Selkie as she is genuinely pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry in real and tangible ways. Kim is kicking down doors for models of all body types, genders and nationalities and is combining hyper feminine princess-wear with a bit of edge and a powerful message. Kim has made fashion fun again and has made myself and so many others feel strong and powerful even in a puffy dress, reminding us that femininity is power not weakness and every body deserves to feel beautiful.

What is an inspiring instagram account to follow?



Check out Emily's instagram account @esodette for some dreamy, fantasy-fueled inspiration.

Recess Dresscode Meet Emily ODette Instagram Model Work Fantasy Fairy

Recess Dresscode Meet Emily ODette Instagram Model Work Fantasy Fairy

Recess Dresscode Meet Emily ODette Instagram Model Work Fantasy Fairy

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