Two is better than one, and the best things come in pairs- especially when it comes to statement accessories! Here are our fave five pieces to double down on and double your wardrobe looks.


Recess Dress Code Double Trouble Two Vintage Jeweled Bauble Bracelets

We love these juicy gems! We were lucky to have found two of each vintage bracelet, for a pair of pairs. The candy coated duo of these maraschino cherry bombe bracelets and honey amber crystal bracelets makes for a sweet stack. We would pile them all on one wrist, or show off the pairs by wearing one on each arm, Wonder Woman style.


Recess Dress Code Double Trouble Two Monogram Madness Matching Dior Scarves

Matching monograms in brights and neutrals to cover all your bases. We're really jiving on the classic Dior monogram print coming into popularity again, and even moreso love the fun colors of these matching scarves in purple and tan. We love tying one up in a messy bun or wrapping another around our wrist and adding a punch of Dior to any outfit.


Recess Dress Code Double Trouble Two Chanel Logo Suspenders

Up your style game and flex those style muscles with these matching Chanel suspenders. Rare runway style in classic black and dapper tan infinitely stretch your outfit possibilities. Of course, we would play with all of the androgynous looks with these typically male furnishings, but love the unexpected surprise of pairing them with skirts and more feminine pieces. Having the flexibility with 2 colorways really opens the door with the looks you can create.


Recess Dress Code Double Trouble Vintage Gucci Interlocking GG Belt

Timeless Gucci GG logo belts are forever, and these vintage black and brown versions are no exception. We love love LOVE the older logo buckles, and would absolutely wear these with everything; worth stocking up on and keeping forever.


Recess Dress Code Double Trouble Two Vintage Jeweled Beaded Bracelets

We love the quirky, organic vibe of these beaded bracelets, and are so excited to have two of them! Stacked, they make a wild statement, but worn on each wrist, they are like bold, feathered, structural cuffs. (or as we see them, sea urchins!) Add a little urchin to your look!


by Erica Sanae