Have plans for this weekend's royal fête? We'll be busy binging one of our favorite shows and taking inspiration from larger-than-life characters. Whether you're the Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Queen of England, you'll stand out from the crowd with these fave five printed pieces. 


Recess Dres Code Fresh Prints Crazy Paisley

This two-piece set by Mollie Parnis is a festive ray of sunshine. A favored designer by a few of the first ladies, this Parnis set ensures you stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement, much like the designer's strongly held opinions and clientele. We love the cheerful coordinating print mixing paisleys, stripes, and flowers. We especially love LOVE the balanced silhouette of the ruffled hem and cropped tie top together and would finish with an oversized earring to stand up to the scale of the print.


Recess Dress Code Fresh Prints of Bel Air Escada Elle Singh Checkerboard Sequin ComicCon

More than just a game: this embellished Escada piece isn't playin. Sharp black and white chessboard is interrupted by comic book explosions of graphic shapes. Chess is more than a game of kings, queens, and knights, but a challenge of strategic thinking- as a comic is more than just a drawing, it's a graphic novel. Escada- the serious line that doesn't take itself too seriously- gives us a conservative silhouette with major attitude, and is totally Hilary Banks.


Recess Dress Code Fresh Prints of Bel Air Kamosho Baroque Versace

This piece is our version of Will's take on the school uniform (that inside-out-blazer though!) We love this baroque printed jacket in signature bold Marina Sitbon pour Kamosho style that embodies the confidence of the Fresh Prince with regal flair. Wear with ray bans and a statement earring to keep it fresh.


Recess Dress Code Fresh Prints of Bel Air Versace Baroque

This silk Versace shirt is the 90s rayon shirt of our dreams. Mixed prints, decorative buttons, and dropped shoulders make this a covetable piece. Wear it like rap royalty with a pair of overalls, or chicly buttoned up; either way, you're winning with this one.


Recess Dress Code Fresh Prints Royal Riches

Bejeweled sheer printed layers in silky chiffons with crystal gemstones add lush luxe to this Adele Simpson piece. Fit for any member of royalty, we love the crowning glory of the sparkly, multicolored necklace neckline and cuffs. We would add a drop earring and metallic block heel and be ready to party the night away.



by Erica Sanae