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Polo Ralph Lauren

Storybook Denim Skirt

$275.00 USD

Playful embroidered denim skirt by Polo Ralph Lauren. Children's storybook-inspired embroidery dances around this denim skirt featuring a dragon, daisies, butterflies, dragonflies bees, a caterpillar, snail, kitten, and puppy. Denim godets are inserted into flare jeans to create an A-line shape with a clear jean silhouette. Extra embroidered patch included. We would wear with a white tee and fun crystal drop earrings. Medium stonewash blue, multicolor embroidery.


-Condition: Excellent
-Estimated Size: 6
-Material: 100% Cotton
-Made In USA

-Waist: 28"
-Hip: 37"
-Sweep: 68"
-Length: 39"