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Miniature Toy Waterfall Necklace

$275.00 USD

Everyday objects and oddities become artwork when taken from their intended settings and lined up and painted. Miniature vintage metal toys are symmetrically strung onto a waterfall necklace in rainbow hues. Rabbits, fish, storks, airplanes, trucks, shoes, thimbles, and spinning wheels play together suspended from twisted rope lined with cars, with a few knives and axes thrown in for good measure. Adds visual weight and texture to any look. We would wear with a white tee, jeans, and belt for a whimsical take on an effortless everyday look. Ebony, pewter, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, lilac, light gold.

-Condition: Excellent
-Material: Metal, rope
-Closure: Tie

-Length (end-to-end): 46" (6" car choker portion)
-Width (chain): 0.19"
-Length of Center Drop: 8.75"
-Weight: 259g