Candy Button Belt

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Taste the rainbow with this candy-colored chain belt by Chanel. Large acrylic skittles bearing the double CC logo are linked together into a long chain that can be worn at the waist, or even around the neck if you're bold. We love the M&M-fueled nostalgia this belt brings us. Oval Belcher links and extender chain with signature stamped hook for full customization. We would bring some life to a classic look and and wear it belted over a crisp white shirtdress- but of course would love it over a rainbow-hued floaty silk dress or even tunic. Gold, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, marine blue, purple, black.

-Condition: Excellent
-Estimated Size: Small
-Material: Acrylic, metal
-Made In

-Length (End to End): 40.5"
-Width (Chain Link): 0.25"
-Width (Button): 1.5"
-Weight: 378g