Need something stunning and unique for the special someone in your life? (Or for yourself - we don’t judge!) We have six categories of fabulous this holiday season to make shopping feel like, well… Recess!



What packs a punch of personality and elevation in a little (or not so little) package? Brooches! From eclectic artists to sporty skiers, Renaissance romantics or the classically refined - we’ve got pieces for every budget and hard-to-shop-for style mavens in your life. 



You’re a winner baby! You can never go wrong with gold. Have a friend you’d like to shine, we’ve got a golden gift in mind.  Whether they love to layer, or prefer a singular statement - this gilded gear is perfect to add to a collection or start one!



For those that just can’t get enough - forget decking the halls, deck them in gems! Crystals and rhinestones are what you’ll need for the ultra maximalist. Add a little glitz to the people who put the glam in yours. 



Think outside the box, with a beautiful box set! For the note taking innovators, couture card sharks, tchotchke aficionados, time keepers and kitchen wizards - elevate their everyday items with something that’ll last a lifetime and elicit a good “Ooo” & “Ahh!” Gilded Culver mushroom glasses for the groovy entertainer, a vintage Gucci interchangeable bezel watch for someone who’s always (or never) right on time, a metal teddy bear purse for someone sweet as honey - shake it up this year if you love hearing “I never would have thought of that!”




Hear them ring, are your ears listening? As you know we here at Recess love a good earring! They can go from day to night and are perfect for all of the approaching holiday parties. Glittery gold hoops, vinyl studded stunners, dreamy carved resin drops, we’ve got options for every lobe.  We’re here for you with bells or earrings on.




We are excited to announce the introduction of MARIE MONSOD earrings. It has been a dream in the making that took over two years with the help of Esme Hecht, co-founder and designer of Lunch at the Ritz. They are vintage inspired and statement making and hope you love them as much as we do.  We invite you to check them out starting December 7th.  They will be available for purchase exclusively at recessla.com and in-store.  



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