Mr. Gianni Versace was driven by extravagance and so was Nomi Malone, and neither of them are what you’d call subtle. Since 1978, the Versace family have been designing empowering clothes, elegant accessories and exquisite household goods made for people who aren’t afraid to break the rules; something Nomi Malone knows well.  

If you’ve not had the pleasure of getting to know her at switchblade point, Nomi (played by Elizabeth Berkley) is the main character in Showgirls, a deeply misunderstood satire movie about a grifter who is down on her luck. She moves to the City of Sin, Las Vegas, to leave her mark and make it big - and she certainly does - with a little help from Versace along the way. 

Elizabeth had suggested during filming that she mispronounce Versace as Ver-sayce, mainly because a small town girl wouldn’t know how to say the fashion house name, but the pop culture joke which has since made fashion history goes deeper than that. It’s not that someone classy doesn’t know how to say Versace, it's because that person wouldn’t be wearing it in the first place. As supermodel maker Gianni himself once said, 

Versace was inspired by the knights of ye olde medieval times, his seamstress mother and fashionable platinum blonde sister and above all, the ever watchful Medusa. The Medusa represents the brand in that once you look into her eyes and fall in love, there is no way back. 

Versace celebrates the female form rather than eliminates it and all forms of royalty have donned the Italian don dresses - from Elizabeth Hurley wearing THAT dress to Princess Diana, who attended Gianni Versace’s untimely funeral just before her own. 

Now available online is a selection of blouses with broad masculine shoulders mixed with softer feminine shapes, reminiscent of a Goddess statue in the Versace hometown of Reggio Calabria, or even the “ancient” Roman statues at Caesars Palace on the Vegas strip. So if anyone says to you, “Oh I love THAT blouse, where did you get it?”  You can proudly say, “Oh this? It’s a Ver-sayce from Recess.”