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In LA it's finally fall- but somehow already the start of the holiday season! We're getting ourselves into a festive mood with boldly patterned pieces, all with lush texture and superb workmanship. Beadwork, plaidwork, patchwork- these decorative details will work it in your holiday rotation. Here are our seven selects to get into the season's spirit.


Recess DressCode 1. plaidwork: vintage dolce & gabbana silk patchwork skirt on mannequin

DOLCE & GABBANA Rainbow Silk Patchwork Skirt


This patchwork skirt by Dolce & Gabbana is the bohemian maxi of our dreams- free spirited yet polished, rich yet floaty, we see this skirt workin' it throughout the year. Unlike her heavier vintage velvet cousin (whom we also love), this skirt has a diaphanous, lightweight air about her that's perfect for LA's fickle fall weather. Squares of chiffon, silk twill, lace, and other "scraps" from Nan's basket are patched together into a sophisticated skirt with draped pickups that have us dancing like fashion's Cinderella- before her Fairy Godmother. We'd wear with a boxy chunky knit sweater, and slip on a pair of tights when it gets chilly out.

 Recess DressCode 2. velvetwork: vintage diane freis velvet burnout dress on mannequin


DIANE FREIS Velvet Lamé Burnout Dress


This lush velvet lamé burnout dress by Diane Freis is a soft hug covered in tinsel. Luminous velvet with flecks of metallic black tinsel burnout on a matte silk chiffon base lights up any room, and we always love a great pussy bow.


Recess DressCode 3. patternwork: vintage oleg cassini beaded plaid boxy jacket on mannequin

OLEG CASSINI Sequin Plaid Boxy Jacket


We also love great patternwork- either in prints, or in creative construction- and this jacket has both! This vibrant plaid jacket by Oleg Cassini is highlighted with sequins; the jewel-toned grid is the colorful focal point of this little topper. Even more interesting is the cut of this seemingly simple piece, constructed with the curved silhouette of a capelet, with integrated seamless kimono-style sleeves. This lets the cropped jacket hang from the shoulders like a little cape.


Recess DressCode 4. craftwork: vintage moschino rainbow woven ribbon beaded jacket on mannequin

MOSCHINO Festive Woven Ribbon Jacket


More is more is more! This festive woven ribbon jacket by Moschino has it all! Bobbly ornaments, woven brocade ribbon, striped grosgrain fabric, and coordinating patch pockets work every craft into a bright and bold folk-inspired statement piece that immediately brings on warm, festive feelings.


Recess DressCode 5. beadwork: vintage made in india silk sequin beaded dress on mannequin

VINTAGE Asymmetrical Sequin Batwing Dress


Beadwork is a sure sign of skilled craftsmanship. Hand-beaded in India, this vintage batwing dress mixes sequins and beads to an effortless, yet glamorous effect. Matte, shiny, and iridescent finishes done by hand are a no-brainer antidote for the end of Daylight Savings and the coming darkness. 


Recess DressCode 6. quiltwork: vintage jeanne marc quilted patchwork duster coat on mannequin

JEANNE MARC Quilted Folk Patchwork Duster


There's nothing better than wrapping yourself in a cozy quilt- and even better when it's this quilted patchwork duster by Jeanne Marc. We'd throw it over everything, and love the presence of the extra long length. The crafty, granny-style, quilting, appliqué, and patchwork brings a familiar warmth to this piece that reminds us to practice a little self care.


Recess DressCode 7. plaidwork: vintage andrea pfister plaid leather applique spat boots on grey background



A great pair of boots is always on our radar- and a fun, statement pair always makes the top of the list! This plaid leather appliqué pair from Andrea Pfister gets our vote for best boot of the season. Plaid squares, stripes, and stitching add loads of festive texture to this pair that gives us serious Paddington-Brit-Pop vibes. We'd wear with a mod minidress and red peacoat, ready to brighten up the darkest of days.



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Photography by Allegra Messina
Copy & Art by Erica Sanae