Logomania is back and here to stay- but why follow the crowd? Here are our fave five ways to flash that logo trend, without becoming a follower. Logo'd pieces in Recess signature style...because a branded piece is timeless!


Recess Dress Code Logomania Givenchy Enamel Hoop Earrings


These oversized enameled hoop earrings by Givenchy make a bold statement. They add a luxe branded touch to anything you wear them with- and we love the brash audacity that they bring to any look. We've had these before, and are amazed at how much their value and demand have increased. They're a classic piece that will be able to weather the rise and fall of logomania and worth hanging onto for years to come.


Recess Dress Code Logomania Gucci Flask Perfume Snuff Coke Pendant Necklace

This tiny perfume pendant by Gucci is the perfect way to effortlessly add a layer of logo luxe to any look. We love the detail of the signature Gucci stripe, while not being too in-your-face, and in the cutest piece that isn't a belt, sweatshirt, or t-shirt. The cheeky bottle reminds us of Sarah Michelle Gellar's cross necklace from Cruel Intentions, all of which makes this piece even more dark and desirable.


Recess Dress Code Logomania Maud Frizon Monogram Initial M Heels

These Maud Frizon 'M' heels are pure Recess all the way! Cheeky M shapes are worked throughout the upper, hidden in a lightening bolt-like pattern. We're mad for Maud here at Recess, and this very fun take on the monogram is by far our favorite. Want a dose of monograms you can be sure no one else is sporting? Then these babies are for you.


Recess Dress Code Logomania Chanel Candy M&M Chain Belt

Think a Chanel chain belt needs to be a serious piece? Think again. This candy-colored Chanel chain belt is made up of chocolate m&ms, skittles, and rainbows marked with the interlocking CC logo- and is full of love and childhood nostalgia. You should love your logo'd investment pieces; why else wear them?


Recess Dress Code Logomania Fendi Vintage Monogram Crossbody Canvas Bag

This vintage monogrammed Fendi bag arrived just in time for today's\ logo revival craze. We love this harder-to-find style in bright, bold red, and could see it adding a pop of fun color to pretty much any look. The classic, timeless double-F Zucca pattern created by Karl Lagerfeld in "three seconds" looks current and fresh when paired with this current crossbody style.  


by Erica Sanae

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