Whether you color within the lines or freehand your masterpiece, our fave five pieces are works of art that give you creative license to express yourself through these different techniques. From bold and brash brushstrokes to precise, perfect dots, any direction you choose is an expressive one. 


Recess Dress Code Artistic Expressions Painterly Prints Richilene Candy Crush Dress


Sweet like candy. This jewel printed dress by Richilene is from your candy crush dreams. Watercolor painted candy gems in rainbow hues dance across this silk dress with a matching cummerbund-style belt. We love the stark contrast between the watery gems and the saturated black background. Known for dresses that were pretty, sexy, and a little bit naughty, Richilene was synonymous for fun. This little a-line dress takes the style of a French maid trimmed in ruffles, and painted in candy brights.


Recess Dress Code Artistic Expressions Painterly Prints Chanel Unitard Bodysuit Set

Freeform painted bodysuit and shirt set by Chanel Boutique comes alive in an impressionistic floral print on a subtle CC logo background. We love the vibrant choice of colors and expressive passion throughout. Definitely not a Monet, this piece is both good from far and good from close. It's exciting to see experimental looks and mediums from a legacy brand; printed pull-on spandex unitard and silk shirt finished with signature logo buttons. This set embodies the spirit of the artist loud and proud.


Recess Dress Code Artistic Expressions Painterly Prints Victor Costa Mermaid Pouf Metallic Glitter Dress

Inspired by the masters. Known as the "King Of The Copycats," Victor Costa was skilled at reinterpreting Parisian haute couture designs. Style adaptations created silhouettes that were wearable and flattering on a mainstream audience at affordable price points- which was art in itself. This Victor Costa strapless tulle pouf mermaid gown is carefully dotted in metallic glitter. The result is a neat, studied piece that appeals to those who use a more restrained hand towards color, but want an even, glittery glow.


Recess Dress Code Artistic Expressions Painterly Prints Metamorphosis Jackson Pollock Paint Splatter Dress

Artfully abstract. Mixed media dress by Metamorphosis combines orderly rows of beads with painterly splashes of color on light layers of silk chiffon. We love the Jackson Pollock influence that we get from this dress, spattered in springtime brights. This dress is for the complicated artist, likewise full of tension; the contrast between the free-spirited Pollock-style drip painting print combined with the neat rows of beads, all color coordinated to match the paint spatters.


Recess Dress Code Artistic Expressions Painterly Prints Victor Costa Pom Pom Cold Shoulder Dress

This pom pom dress by Victor Costa is a timeless polka dot party. The rainbow dots dance around the dress, creating a fun rhythm that works seamlessly with the silhouette, much like a Yayoi Kusama piece. While cold shoulders and off-the-shoulder ruffles have come back around on the trend train, this style shows how it was done right. With inner boning for shaping and structure, the bodice shows off a beautiful bustline without adding bulk even with a wide ruffle. We love the deliberate contrast of the sophisticated silhouette on this piece finished with childlike poms that remind us of a kindergartender's glue masterpiece.



by Erica Sanae 

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