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Vittorio Accornero Floral Butterfly Scarf

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Oversized silk scarf printed with butterflies, fruit baskets, and floral bouquets by Vittorio Accornero for Gucci. Signed V.Accornero, the artist who created the original "Flora" design. Large silk twill scarf depicts a lovely spring/summer picnic setting, complete with baskets of fruits including berries, grapes, and apples, surrounded by a sky full of multicolored Monarch butterflies, ribbon-tied blossoms, and a bright pink border. Finished with a hand-rolled hem. We would wear whenever we needed a cheerful spring pick-me-up tied around the neck, on a bag, or wrapped around the head or the wrist. Flamingo pink, leaf green, beige, white, red, violet, goldenrod, cornflower blue, lilac, black.

-Condition: Very Good / Good
*Small spots throughout-largest on pink border, smaller scattered throughout (pictured); not immediately visible depending on styling and placement.
-Material: Silk (no fabric contents)

-33.5" x 33.5"