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Mary Lynn O'Shea

Feather Tassel Chenille Scarf

$159.00 USD

Lushly textured chenille scarf with feather-trimmed fringe by Mary Lynn Oshea. Soft chenille knit oblong scarf is wide enough to be respectfully warm, though this feathered piece adds festival inspired fun to any look. Ribbons and yarn are twisted together and trimmed with a marabou fluff and turkey feathers reminiscent of the best hair wraps ever. We would wear out to the desert, when the evening temperatures dip, with our favorite jeans, tee, and long duster jacket. Dusty lavender, heather lavender, dusty lilac, silvery grey.

-Condition: Excellent
-Estimated Size: One Size
-Material: Polyester chenille, ribbon, marabou, turkey feathers (no fabric contents)

-Length: 96"
-Width: 35"
-Tassel Length: 5"