We love a good pairing here at Recess- wine and cheese, milk and cookies, eggs and bacon. They're all such a great match, we would hardly think to have one without the other. How about olive oil and ice cream, or avocado and chocolate? While those might not be obvious pairings, they go surprisingly well together (trust us), and are worth a taste.

Your closet is no different from the kitchen, and we urge you to experiment with different combinations in your wardrobe to mix it up- some pairings are obvious, while others add some new excitement to your look. These are our fave five perfect pairings we wouldn't have any other way.


Recess Dress Code Perfect Pairing Sunny Saturation Cheeky Chinese

We love the bright and bold combo of this cheerful Chinese robe in coral and these cheeky celestial sun earrings. The look is tied together by the land, sea, and sky depicted throughout, and anyone wearing this combo would be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. 


Recess Dress Code Perfect Pairing Lovely Lady Lips

We can't get over how perfect these two pieces are together- the bold lip print of the Emanuel Ungaro Parallèle dress is an excellent backdrop for the two sterling silver swinging ladies. This look embraces the female form in the best way possible, and we would rock it hard- and we know you'd do the same.


Recess Dress Code Perfect Pairing Disc Drop

This look is disco ready and made for dancing! We can't keep our hands off of the smooth discs covering this Michael Kors shimmy dress- the tactile design has a satisfyingly smooth feel, and sounds great when you move. Each disc is attached by a small strand of beads so it can move freely- a motion echoed by the circular gold drops that swing from the ears. Put this outfit on, and you'll have the best dance workout ever.


Recess Dress Code Perfect Pairing Feathers and Fringe

This combo is a no-brainer. Feathers and fringe are a classic pairing, and this feather jacket and crystal beaded fringe earring are the embodiment of cool. We love all of the textures at play, and would rock this look at our next concert, or anytime we're feeling a bit sassy. Go ahead, feel yourself!


Recess Dress Code Perfect Pairing Ornate Origami Folds and Faberge

We love love LOVE the bow back of this pleated Mary McFadden dress, and love it even more (if that's possible) when paired with these Fabergé-like egg drop earrings. The fan pleats are perfectly accented by the ornamental cloisonne earrings, bringing an old-world spirit to a modern style and palette. 


by Erica Sanae

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