The beginning of a new year has arrived with the promise of a fresh start- which calls for a wardrobe renewal. Recess' very own founder Marie Monsod shares her FAVE FIVE signature tricks for making her wardrobe last all year long.

A new year calls for new pieces that can get you through the year. By now you probably know my motto…go for vintage and go for statement. With vintage pieces, they can hold and increase their value so wear now and sell in the future if they no longer work for you. With statement anything, they can quickly elevate and take your outfit a long way.
by Marie Monsod

 Recess Dress Code Embellished Jackets

When you get off work at 7 and have to be at dinner at 8, there is not much time to
be creative. A beaded jacket will save you the time of having to ask yourself, “What
do I wear?” The reason I like these two jackets is they can be dressed up or dressed
down. Depending on your night, wear with a tee or silk tank, jeans, and Converse or
Saint Laurent lace up boots. For a fancier soirée, wear with satin pants or shrug
over a silk spaghetti strap dress and fun heels. I’ve been collecting vintage heels for
a long time and some of my favorites are by Manolo Blahnik, Andrea Pfister, Maud
Frizon and Charles Jourdan. If you don’t feel like heels, I also love a pair of satin
rhinestone or jeweled strappy flats to complete your look.

Recess Dress Code Faux Leopard Coats

Living in Los Angeles, it’s not often we get to wear coats, but for the few times the
temperature actually drops, you’ll be excited to have one of these faux leopard coats
in your closet. We think a leopard coat is just as classic and neutral as a black coat.
It can be worn over so many different outfits so go ahead and take a walk on the
wild side.

 Recess Dress Code Statement Earrings

Jewelry has been dated back to more than 75,000 years ago and made from
materials like feathers, shells and bones. There were many reasons to adorn the
body, such as to have a trophy or souvenir from a hunt or protect oneself against
evil. Gems were worn and still worn due to their magical or healing properties.

To me, statement costume earrings with tassels or large crystal drops can be just as
magical as wearing the ‘real’ thing, so adorn away! From casual to fancy, put a pair
on and don’t forget to put on some mascara or lipstick!

Recess Dress Code Buckle Up Belts For All Occassions

Having a collection of belts, from studded to thin to metal to tassel, is always good
for your closet. Remember when they had Carrie from Sex and the City wear a black
silver studded belt with everything? We’ve had that belt from Streets Ahead many
times and it sells out every time! Do the same with these two belts from Gucci by
Tom Ford and Accessocraft, wear them with a silk chiffon dress, secretary dress,
leather dress or of course jeans. Even if you think something won’t go together, test it out as you may be pleasantly surprised. As they say, “It’s better to try and fail than
never to try at all.”

Recess Dress Code Silky Flowy Dresses and Sets

All year from day to night, a silky dress or two piece set can be worn any time. It’s
obvious how owning something like this two piece by Oscar de La Renta can be
worn in many ways. Wear the skirt with a tank or rock tee and statement belt, wear
the top with jeans or a black pencil skirt and heels. We love options and it’s always a
bonus when you’re dealing with metallic. The Saint Laurent polka dot secretary
dress would be chic with a Saint Laurent tuxedo blazer or chunky mohair sweater or
on its own loosely buttoned with a red belt. Any silky piece will allow you to go with
the flow…it’s pretty much Recess code.