Recess' resident smiley face Alexandria Latham dishes on her morning routine and shares how she keeps a positive outlook while getting ready for her day. These are her FAVE FIVE pieces that help streamline the task of getting dressed.

I have found it easiest to simplify the hours spent playing dress-up by curating my closet and investing in quality and design, and never forgetting to throw in a few statement pieces every now and then. Trend is less of a concern for me as consumption is: a few great pieces will take one a long way. Steer clear of staring at a closet full of junk, and instead invest in tasteful, iconic staples made to last forever.

 Recess Dress Code Curated Investments Fitted Leather Jackets

I got myself dressed, now to find the perfect fit in a leather jacket- not so easy! Most designers don’t keep it simple and instead, make their pieces far too branded where all one sees is the jacket and all of it’s glory. Azzedine Alaïa on the other hand, understood the body perfectly… a woman’s shapes, her curves…allowing someone to admire not only the article of clothing being worn, but the actual woman in it.

Recess Dress Code Curated Investments Unforgettable Furs

At Recess, we take joy in bringing new life to previously loved furs. Thomas Salomon, the fourth heir at Yves Salomon said it best: “Your first fur is like a first boyfriend; it’s the one that is remembered for all your life.” Well, when said like that, it's a no-brainer. Invest in quality and the real thing! Have fun with colors, mixtures, and gravitate towards the most compelling and chic fit for any outfit. Good luck and go find your fur match! 

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Recess Dress Code Curated Investments Showstopping Gown

It's showtime, and it's all about glamour baby! A showstopping evening gown is where I find it wise to spend every penny on iconic keepsakes. The way Bob Mackie brought Cher, Diana Ross, Tina Turner and many others to life on the stage is no wonder that you would feel the same way too!  Get loud with color, embroidery, gems, and sparkles because every woman deserves to shine! 


Recess Dress Code Curated Investments Royal Robes

Pillowy layers with an emphasis on proportion is the magic in a duster coat/robe. I love the royalty of wearing long and excessive luxurious fabrics like velvet, cashmere, and silk that mix nicely when layered or draped over to mask how simple the ensemble is underneath. 

Recess Dress Code Curated Investments 90s Baroque Prints

I love a good print, whether it's checkered, polka dots, floral or Baroque, and having some printed pieces in my closet are great for days where I'm feeling a little more creative. A printed silk blouse with jeans is always a safe bet, but on daring days, I love mixing prints and pairing with a printed pant or skirt of a different design.  This classic Hermes equestrian printed silk sweater is begging to be paired with wide leg slacks, jeans, or tucked into a long pencil skirt with fish net stockings and oxfords. It's a piece that will never go out of style, and definitely worth the cost per wear.