Black and white is a classic pairing for good reason: Always striking and never dull, this clean combination is crisp and refreshing. Together, the absence of color in this combo becomes more powerful, placing stronger emphasis on design, shape and silhouette. Wear black and white on its own for a powerful statement, or add a third color to really pop. Here are our current fave five black and white staple statements.

Recess DressCode Bold Black & White BW Classy Contrast Chanel Shoes

Together, black and white is the timeless signature of Gabrielle Chanel. She believed their beauty to be absolute. These heels have all of the classic Chanel hallmarks, including two decorative logo pearls and cap toe front. Austere, yet statement-making, these strappy D'Orsay heels are classic and anything but boring, and can live in your closet forever.

We love this video talking about Coco Chanel's favorite colors- what they stood for, and what they embodied for the woman wearing them. Be sure to check it out with the sound on.

Recess DressCode Bold Black & White BW Ruled Regency Victor Costa Striped Bag

This black and white striped shoulder bag by Victor Costa borrows from the Hollywood Regency style, and gives us serious Giorgio Beverly Hills vibes with its equally spaced bold stripe and long, lush tassel. We love the bold graphic effect of this little bag, and would coordinate our black and white looks starting with this bag.

Recess DressCode Bold Black & White BW Spotted Swirls Richard Kerr Crystal Earrings

These crystal earrings by Richard Kerr are a rare find. We don't usually see organically shaped pairs by the designer, and love the texture that the crystals lend to the dotted squiggles. This pair gives us oceanic Ursula vibes, and we would wear them to channel our inner sea queen. The majority black base gives a background for the white crystals to pop, and add to the graphic silhouette of each piece.

Recess DressCode Bold Black & White BW Artistic Acrylic Judith Hendler Hand Hardware Cuff Bracelet

We love the dramatic black and white swirl of this wrap bracelet by Judith Hendler. Hendler, who got her start designing jewelry for Dynasty, was no stranger to statement accessories. This solid acrylic wrap bracelet intertwines a black acrylic tube and a creamy white one, its shape echoing their original tubular form. We love the graphic lines of this piece.

Recess DressCode Bold Black & White BW 1950s Cross Plastic Tile Clutch Purse Pocketbook

The best design feature of this 1940s-50s vintage plastic clutch purse is the cream cutout cross tiles across the surface. While we've seen our share of vintage plastic purses, this is one of the rare pieces displaying contrast layered tiles and raised dotted designs. We love the graphic element this piece adds to any look, and can't believe how modern it looks even today.


by Erica Sanae

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